Plank Restaurant

Conceptual Project

Location: Almere, The Netherlands

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Highway Solarpanel Field

Conceptual Project

Location: Floriade, Almere, The Netherlands

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Clarity in overflow

Cities are crowded hotspots. They always have been. In our times, accessibility gives this a new dimension: we are connected online and offline, we are on the road all day and the world without boundaries has become our playing field. Now more than ever, we can be anywhere, hence we choose the places where we want to be.

We visit the places that feel good and avoid those eerie spaces that remain extinct, no matter what success formula you put there. We know subconsciously whether an area has been designed or not. We sense if functions have been randomly placed or if the power of logic and functionality has been applied. We experience, we feel. City planners are no longer a luxury.

A piece of the puzzle which makes the picture memorable.

Our urban planning team creates places that not only 'fit' the city and nature but also the environment. Central to the concepts are: views, space and function. The minimal lines give your visitors maximum experience.