Section A and Section B
North-East and North-West Elevation
South-West and South-East Elevation



Conceptual Project

Meditation is termed as the gym for the mind. To participate in this exercise we should gradually filter our minds. It is possible to do it anywhere, anytime, but how would a dedicated place for it look like? The project is a small shelter based on the archetypical Latvian house roof shape. The impression of it floating in the forest creates an aura of mysticism and separates it from the outside world. By using wood as a basic material, the design was kept simple. Using wood for cladding, construction and interior finishing creates a dialogue between those spaces. The narrow skylight provides daylight even while being hidden between high trees and the glass facade gives a possibility to meditate being surrounded by forest. The ascetic interior is fit with double function stairs. This solution divides the functions into individual steps, leaving the interior as one open space.